Online software training for skills you can use.


Online software training for skills you can use.

CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR $299! Receive Access to All Our Training Courses.

30+ hours of video tutorials. More than 12 software applications covered.

Purchase a TLE Training bundle and learn real-world marketable skills; re-enter the workforce, enhance your business or start your own company.

Software used: WordPress, Avada Theme, Ultimatum Framework, Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe After Effects & More.

How to Build an Online E-commerce Store

In this tutorial series, you'll learn how to sell artwork or digital files online by setting up an e-commerce store.

SOFTWARE USED: WordPress + Easy Digital Download Wordpress Plugin

How to Build a WordPress Website

Learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch.

SOFTWARE USED: WordPress + Ultimatum Theme

How to Use the Avada Theme

Our Avada Tutorial series will teach you how to use the Avada Wordpress Theme the correct way. Understanding the Fusion Builder, shortcuts & portfolio will help you master this very popular theme.

SOFTWARE USED: WordPress + Avada Theme

How to Build a Responsive Website From Scratch

This skill-set is a must for anyone thinking about entering web design. Learn to build a responsive website design (viewable on desktop, tablet & mobile) from scratch.

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Dreamweaver

SEO: How to Rank a Website on Google

In this SEO Master Course, Robert shares his secrets for having websites rank successfully on Google & YouTube.

SOFTWARE USED: WordPress + YouTube + Google Analytics + Google Webmaster Tools

How to Master Adobe Illustrator

Nobody understands Adobe Illustrator better than Robert Farrell. The tips & tricks you'll learn in this master course have NEVER been taught anywhere else.

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Illustrator

How to Build a Parallax Website

Learn how to build a parallax website with Robert by using the Boy Coy website as inspiration. These video training tutorials come bundled with our Adobe Web Development videos.

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Edge + Adobe Photoshop + Adobe After Effects

How to Use Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most important software programs to understand for successful web design. Learn how to work with psd files, layers & the tool bar.

SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Photoshop

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best-wordpress-teacher57,000+ Satisfied Students

Robert Farrell has been teaching software since 1987. He is currently the best selling and highest rated teacher on Adobe’s training portal:

For more than two years he was the best-selling and highest rated teacher on Udemy for Adobe, WordPress, e-Commerce and Google SEO software tools. Prior to entering the world of online training, his New York studio was the premiere learning center for high-profile advertising agencies & newspaper organizations.

Online-Software-TrainingLearning that Makes Sense

As an experienced teacher, Robert understands that not everyone learns the same way or speaks “techy talk”. Videos are short, 15-20 minute, clusters of information with technical jargon simplified for the beginner to follow. If you’re an advanced WordPress user he has training on multi-sites, membership and e-commerce solutions.

Watch Robert’s, Think Learn Earn courses right inside your WordPress Dashboard via a TLE Plug-In. It’s the best way to learn!

Learn Marketable Skills

As technology changes so does the climate for people with marketable skills. Robert Farrell keeps you ahead of the competition by focusing on software and skills which you can use every day to earn a living. He teaches what’s in-demand and works in real-world situations. What’s the point of learning Quark Xpress, Adobe Freehand or Flash if it’s not a valuable skill-set to employers or business owners? No disrespect meant, because at one time those were the software tools of choice.

Responsive websites (desktop, tablet & mobile) built with WordPress, the Ultimatum Theme Framework and WordPress Plug-In’s, is by far, the most effective way to promote yourself. Stop waiting for someone to hire you for “experience” and create your own. It’s a digital world. We all live with a SmartPhone in hand. Design a website for a local business, church, relative, etc. then showcase a portfolio of your own work online.





I’m a web designer who needed to learn WordPress fast for a client solution. They desired a responsive website with an easy Content Management System. Robert’s training was superb. When I was finished with the site, I installed the TLE Training Plug-in for the client. Now they can watch Robert from inside their WordPress Dashboard and receive step-by-step instructions on how to make changes themselves.



As a blue’s musician/artist I had a distinct style and design in mind for my band’s website. Being in control of the site content & aesthetic was important to me. Rather than purchase a cookie cutter WordPress theme, I signed up for Robert’s courses to design my own site. Within a couple of weeks the website was built to my taste. Since I’m a beginner, I appreciated his simple language & teaching method of getting me to think the way the software thinks.



Due to down-sizing, my machinist job was eliminated. In an effort to support my family I needed to re-invent myself fast. I discovered WordPress is free for anyone to download. Robert’s video tutorials showed me how to install WordPress, understand the difference between a theme & a plug-in and design a site for desktop, tablet & mobile devices. His classes were the key that opened up doors! I now have a full-time job and more side-projects than I can handle.